Plasma Television – It’s a Gas

You can easily get overwhelmed by be the wide array of television sets that are now available if you want to shop around for a television set. In this day and age, there are a lot of state of the art television sets from the Asian region. There are also innovative display systems like liquid crystal display televisions and plasma televisions in the present market.

The cathode ray tube technology is the technology that is used in the tried and tested conventional televisions that most of us have grown up with. A cathode gun forms an image on a glass screen by charging and firing electrons on the screen. These images form as pixels in the three basic colors, which can produce millions of colors when combined. This technology has been fine tuned and developed through the ages to give us great television monitors. However, there are certain limitations to what the conventional cathode ray tube television can do.

For example, the screen of the cathode ray tube or conventional television has a size limitation because it is built of glass. Most conventional televisions which use the cathode ray tube technology are less than 42 inches in size. This size is the diagonal distance between from one end to the other and not the height or width of the television. This means that the biggest conventional television you can have is around 42 inches. Conventional televisions are also bulky, restricted in image size and confined to the limitations of the box they are built in.

Newer display technologies have resulted in better, modern televisions like the plasma television. The older cathode ray tube technology has been left behind in favor of an atomic technology in modern televisions. Our viewing experience has been enhanced by our ability to manipulate and control the behavior of atomic particles. This is the technology that is being used in a plasma television. A plasma is a gas that contains freely flowing ions and electrons. Photons are released and provide illumination when an electric charge is passed through this plasma.

lg smart tv 43 inch 4k This illumination is used by the rest of the technology in plasma televisions to create the three primary colors and to display them as images. This modern television also varies the intensity of the illumination to produce color changes in the same way the cathode ray tube televisions use different intensities of particles to produce different colors.

Most of the drawbacks of the conventional television are negated in the design of the plasma television. Size is no longer a restriction because the bulky cathode ray tube is not being used. The plasma television is also very thin so bulky boxes are not required. These days, most plasma televisions appear more or less like works of art hanging in your living room.

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